Training from 8 years of age in various different martial art styles such as Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing, Lee found his true calling in Classical Chinese Kung Fu.  An art over 2000 years old - with over 200 traditional styles within it - Lee has dedicated his life to Kung Fu since 15 years of age.


Since then Lee has studied over 50+ classical forms across both Northern and Southern Kung Fu styles, such as Hung Gar, Classical Wing Chun, Northern Dragon, Lei Gar, Northern Praying Mantis, Chi Na, Five Animals and various other hand to hand styles, in addition to numerous weapons such as Broadsword, Corn Leaf Sabre, Wudan Gim, Butterfly Knives, Fan, Spear, Staff, Pole and Three Section Staff amongst others.

Spectrum provides early creative concepts, to video storyboarding, to final on-screen performance. Specific character based martial art fighting styles are used to fit the story and creative vision of each project, whether provided by Lee's acting performance or in a pure fight coordinator capacity (or both).


Lee performs as fight choreographer-coordinator and lead actor in independent film, in addition to writing and directing and has secured both Amazon Prime VOD distribution and favourable reviews, with Defector currently selected as Finalist in the Olympus Film Festival, LA. 

Having worked with clients from all walks of life - from absolute beginners to professional Martial Artists, actors, directors and producers in both private training and large group classes. Lee’s almost limitless range of fighting styles, and uniquely creative flair, in addition to teaching, coaching, collaboration, people skills and live performing of fight choreography experience has given Lee the perfect foundation for working within the film industry.

Lee has gained various achievement awards. This includes having been a Chinese Forms World Champion, Kyoshu British Kung Fu Champion and Kyoshu National two-time Gold Medal winner as well as leading a Traditional Kung Fu Championship winning team, performing around the UK for various invitational events.

Lee is highly adaptable,  extremely creative, and able to personalise performances for exactly what you need, whatever your vision, with mind-blowing results.  




Catherine VT Grayson is an independent film British Producer and co-owner of Spectrum Fight and Film.

Catherine was born in Cape Town, South Africa to British parents in 1975, moving to the UK in 1989.  With an odd passion for marketing and PR, and following a long career in brand, marketing and PR, Catherine started working in the entertainment industry as Producer of action shorts Chinatown London and Defector, before moving on to produce Lee's feature film, currently in development.


Driven by her desire to secure better representation for women in film, and an active member of Women in Film & Television (WFTV), Catherine has a dedication to producing the best in action, teamed with a strong visual and commercial sense, while ensuring it remains accessible to all.

"I know women have so much more to add to the action film industry. It has now been ten years since Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar for Hurt Locker and remains the only woman to have done so. That just isn't right. I also know that more women would enjoy action films if they were represented with more consideration. We have almost seen a reversal in how women are portrayed in certain film genres, following the power (not paycheck) of women in film in the 40's and 50's to a reverse in tactics over the years. We have some way to go, but I am determined to be part of the change, however small the steps we take to get there. Like everything in life, entertainment is far better when more diverse."

Catherine deals with all non-Kung-Fu specific elements of Spectrum Fight and Film, and acts as Manager for Lee McGeough. For any enquiries, contact Catherine via


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