Chinatown London - Britflicks News

"CHINATOWN LONDON brings a brand new stylised 'Brit-Fu' flavour to the London gangster thriller genre and is set to move from short to feature during 2018."

Chinatown London - Midlands Movies Review

"The Chinatown London short is a fantastic calling card from Midlands writer Stu Laurie, producer Catherine Grayson and director Lee McGeough who are branching out from the region to tackle the gangland violence of the Big Smoke.


"With John Wick-like action sequences from McGeough, who was also fight choreographer and lead actor, the film promises an audience a glimpse into a violent and brutal world. With a dark tone and mysterious characters, Chinatown London expertly teases the viewer with sinister background stories, as well as further explosive revelations to be uncovered along the way".

"... whilst the incredible martial-arts are certainly the showcase of this wonderful short, the really intriguing and fascinating elements of it are actually those that are quietly hinted at and that leave you desperate to learn more about these characters and the world they inhabit." 

Defector - Exposed Magazine Review

"Perhaps the biggest endorsement I can give is that, when watching it, I thought to myself that this would not have looked out of place as a sequence in a Bourne film or something like The Raid."

Lee McGeough Interview - Games Fiends

"When you do different fight styles in Kung Fu, they all have characters so I really enjoyed the acting side of this. We talked about The Bourne Identity and similar types of films because of the adrenalin feeling you get from them. The Raid was of course an influence; it was the feeling of the action and non-apologetic; there were no wires or acrobatic tricks."

Defector Review - Games Fiends

"McGeough also deserves heaps of praise for his performance and choreography here. Featuring in nearly every single shot, he delivers a brooding intensity combined with a calm demeanour and looks every bit the action hero. He exudes a screen-presence which draws the audience to him and encourages us to champion him."

Defector Editorial - Glos Live

"We ended up creating something that looks nothing like the £250 budget."

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